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 Noticable Bugs

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PostSubject: Noticable Bugs   Noticable Bugs EmptySat Jan 15, 2011 12:21 am

1. I'm not saying the client data used here was taken from another server, but you forgot to change "Demise PKing" in the quest tab.

2. Bank Deposit box at home does nothing.

3. The login screen seems to be glitchy (may be my computer) but it does need the box changed and a background.

4. When you speak to the Guide at the creation of a new account, it still mentions "Demise".

5. If you teleport to a wilderness area and then teleport back you cannot change your stats because it reads that stats may not be changed in the wilderness (even though your not there).

6. Once again Demise PK'ing is mentioned also in the "Rules" section in the quest tab.

7. Clicking the "View Scoreboard" tab at the bottom of the screen brings up a report abuse form?

8. In the spell book, just like I remember seeing on an older version of SS, it says "Orbs to Points" for the spell that should be named Bones to Bananas. Not sure what Orb to Points is exactly, and I do realize Bones to Bananas is worthless here, but that is another thing I found.

9. At Sgt. Damien, or the Kills Exchange, there is a tab listed Massacred but when you hover over it, it displays "Falcon". Bug or a little secret, who knows.

10. Under the Donor Info section it mentions Demise PK'ing again.

11. Yet once again Demise PK'ing is mentioned at your bank screen.

12. If you switch to Lunar Magics, the teleport spells are mostly all misnamed.

Also three word changes that are not bugs of any sort but are extremely easy to fix:

The "Runescape Guide" should be appropriately named SilverShadows Guide (or similar) because we are obviously not Runescape.

If you examine said Runescape guide it mentions the same thing which can also be changed easily.

Finally after clicking the door at the top right to start to logout, it says Runescape again.

This is what I found after experimenting by my self for about 20 minutes. I would do more, but I can't really test anything else without any other players online. So if anyone wants to help me with that I would be greatly appreciative.

The scoreboard at home resets every so often. Is that supposed to happen, because I don't see the point of keeping score if it gets reset in an hour anyways.

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PostSubject: Re: Noticable Bugs   Noticable Bugs EmptySat Jan 15, 2011 2:45 am

Nice list.

There is a few that need to be added;

Don't won't be a problem but - when changing stats, your equips stay on.

Scoreboard doesn't get updated, instead if gets refreshed.

When you click the buttons for contrast, and surround, but buttons disappears until you re-click them

Once entering, then leaving the wilderness - you cannot change your stats; it says you cannot change your stats in wilderness, although you're not in it.
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Noticable Bugs
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